Bokhari produces beautiful, handcrafted and unique products. We create jobs for artisans in Pakistan, and a better life through meaningful and safe work. But most importantly; Bokhari provides education opportunities for children.

We believe business can be about more than just profits. With every product you purchase, you are helping BOKHARI provide employment to artisans and education opportunities to the children in Sultan Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan.


The Laila & Amar School and College for Girls (formerly known as Laila & Amar Model School, hence its acronym LAMS) was established in 1996 as a corporate social responsibility initiative in collaboration with Bokhari (aka Norpak International). Bokhari and LAMS - with the collaboration of friends of the school - offer free elementary, college & vocational education to over 650 students, primarily girls and young women. In April 2013 the Laila Library was officially opened to provide an open library for the students and the population of Sultan Town.

Sultan Town is a quite small village of about 15,000 people, many of the can´t read and write, there is also a lack of steady work opportunities.

There’s a huge demand for jobs and education, so for BOKHARI, selling more products is not about turnover. It simply means we can give work to more people, both men and women, and not least provide school for their children.

Our high quality products are handmade and unique. We know that each set of hands touching a product creates another job and another livelihood, so we gladly use many hands and resources in creating the beautiful products. Women often have few opportunities, Bokhari empowers them, by investing in training, education and employment.  As a result, we’re giving them self-esteem and putting dignity in their lives.